Honest Abe’s Downtown Lincoln

Honest Abe’s is a small burger restaurant that has just recently opened up a second location in downtown Lincoln where the old Sebastian’s Table used to be. They provide burger/vegetarian food in a casual, seat yourself environment with a menu so unique that provides inventive toppings for sandwiches and gourmet fries. Since they just recently opened in a new location, some people might not know much about it. Personally, I just found out the other day that the new location existed and is now open! I believe that Honest Abe’s can generate an abundance of earned media. They are located in the center of downtown, which is predominantly young working professionals and college students. I think that a great creative way would be to do something similar to what Chipotle did with their promo for a free burrito if they participate in an online game. They could create their own game that would challenge consumers with trivia questions, puzzles, etc. in order to win a free drink or a free fry with completion of the game. They could also create a higher presence on more social media platforms other than just Facebook. They are active on their Facebook profile daily, but Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram seems to be where they lack. More young people nowadays are more active on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

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