Ink Alley Screenprint + Design

Ink Alley Screenprint + Design
by Jason Gieselman

Ink Alley is a new business in downtown Lincoln that focuses on custom apparel and graphic design solutions. Because the company is new, and there are already a number of screenprinters in the area, Ink Alley is working to create brand awareness without allocating too much of their startup money to advertising. Ink Alley is located on 13th & P so their primary target audience is local downtown businesses, events, and organizations. We have also created relationships with running companies and organizations which has led to word-of-mouth business.

Straight out of the gate Ink Alley focused on building a professional website and being active on social media to engage current followers in hopes they would share what we were doing with their connections. So far it has worked as well as we had predicted but in the future we are going to implement incentives to people who share our posts by offering free Ink Alley “swag” and/or discounts on future orders. My business partner and I feel this is a cost effective way for us to try to generate earned media through our owned media.

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