Lincoln, NE Capital Humane Society

The Capital Humane Society of Lincoln, NE began as the Lancaster County HumaneSociety in 1902.  During this time, the shelter only focused on the prevention of cruelty towards horses and children.  Five years later, the services expanded to include a variety of animals.  Today, the Capital Humane Society takes in unwanted pets to be sheltered throughout the community.  This company wants to educate public schools about the responsibility it takes to take care of a pet.  I think the Capital Humane Society should take a bigger step and try to reach out to the whole city of Lincoln about their great organization.  Even though this company is active on twitter, it only tweets pictures of animals that are available at the shelter.  The CapitalHumane Society of Lincoln should start a campaign where it asks new owners of these unwanted pets to tweet a picture at them, with the appropriate hash tag so the media can see how much happier the person and pet are after adoption.  This company could also tweet pictures following the appropriate hash tags how helpful it is for the city of Lincoln to volunteer in various way at the shelter.  They could ask the public to tweet pictures of their volunteer time or pictures of their new adopted animal from the organization with a hashtag and get a chance to win a free toy for their animal back home.  This campaign will get the whole community of Lincoln more aware and involved at how important this organization is to animals of all kinds. humane

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