Marvel-Choose Your Side


The brand purpose for Marvel is to allow audiences to feel like they are involved in the cinematic universe that Marvel has created. The ‘problem’ that Marvel is trying to combat is not really a problem at all. It is simply creating content to promote and spread awareness of its latest film. The audience Marvel is trying to reach is very broad. Marvel is not only wants to include current Marvel fans, but new ones as well. This could be anyone. During Superbowl 50, Marvel premiered a new trailer for Captain America: Civil War. Included at the end of this trailer were eleven hashtags to use on Twitter. When a hashtag is used, an emoji that coincides with that hashtag will appear. Below is a list of the hashtags and their corresponding emojis.

team cap

This exemplifies the recruitment model. Marvel is trying to recruit consumers to go on Twitter and use their hashtags. In fact, #TeamCap was trending worldwide for a portion of the game. Each tweet or retweet any of those hashtags get, is earned media for Marvel and its new film. Marvel is giving fans an emotional investment in their cinematic universe. It wants fans to, not only feel included, but feel like they are contributing as well. In a way, each hashtag could show what that individual audience member believes in.

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