Mercedez-Benz Build Your Own GLA

By Alexandria Marx

Mercedez-Benz launched an Instagram campaign encouraging Instagrammers to customize their GLA completely on Instagram. Mercedez-Benz took the customization tool found on most automobile brand websites and reconfigured it for the social media photo sharing app Instagram. Mercedez-Benz was targeting a new audience for this campaign and made the intuitive decision to facilitate automobile customization on social platforms to more easily and effectively connect with consumers.

Utilizing the apps FullSizeRendertagging feature, multiple linked accounts and zero dollars the brand was able to successfully generate a substantial amount of earned media.

The campaign was a hit with thousands of Mercedez-Benz GLAs built and shared by users leading to over 20,000 new followers on Instagram. Given the visual nature of Instagram and the app’s growing popularity among members of their target market, Instagram the perfect platform for the campaign. Not only did the brand access a largely elusive target market, but also included them in the content creation process giving individuals a sense of connection to the product. 

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