Mountain Dew KickStart Superbowl Ad-Kaleb Duncan

Mountain Dew released their new mascot for their Mountain Dew KickStart drink on Superbowl Sunday to millions of American viewers.  Their new mascot, Puppymonkeybaby, was designed with the idea in mind of having 3 amazing things packed into one, just like KickStart, according to Mountain Dew.  The 30 second ad portrays 3 men, presumably in their 20’s, gathered on a couch watching tv with a bucket full of Mountain Dew kickstart drinks, because men in their 20’s often sit with ice cold buckets of their favorite soft drinks at hand.  Before you know it, a disturbing creature by the name of Puppymonkeybaby, with a head of a puppy, torso of a monkey, and legs of a baby.  If that wasn’t frightening enough, the creature awkwardly walks into the room and starts chanting “Puppymonkeybaby” in a weirdly demonic way before licking a can of KickStart and dancing out of the room.  That’s it.  It was odd in every meaning of the word and stands as one of the worst commercials I’ve seen in my lifetime.  However, with as strange this commercial is, it’s garnered a ton of earned media across the internet including 241,000 social interactions, and over 16 million online views.  In my opinion, Mountain Dew missed hitting their target audience of young adults with this commercial as they focused too much on being weird and shocking instead of focusing on the content that actually makes viewers interested in interacting with the brand.

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