Mountain Dew’s Puppy/Monkey/Baby

Benjamin Burbine

Mountain Dew hadn’t created a Super Bowl commercial since 2000. But boy did they make a splash with their Puppy/Monkey/Baby commercial. Most people thought it was a bizarre commercial. Although the advertisement was considered odd, Mountain Dew won the night on social media. Their #PuppyMonkeyBaby hashtag was the most buzz worthy hashtag of the night. When the commercial aired, the hashtag earned almost 4,000 social mentions in a minute. This was the largest peak of the Super Bowl and it earned more than 65,000 mentions during the game alone. Mountain Dew’s 65,000 mentions is 49,000 more than the second most successful commercial by social media standards. Now the problem with Mountain Dew’s commercial is it didn’t generate all positive earned media. A lot of it was negative earned media. Did Mountain Dew gain a lot of publicity and word-of-mouth? Yes they did but did it come at a price for bad publicity. Who knows; maybe there is no such thing as bad publicity…

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