Nebraska Humane Society


The Nebraska Humane Society wants to find loving and forever homes for the pets it has in its care. It has recently noticed a decline of pet adoptions. Because of its limited resources, the humane society decides to take a gamble and create a short video in hopes that it will go viral. It will reach out to everyone who has adopted a pet in the last two years and asks them to film a short clip with them and their pets. The humane society will then compile a video with the clips sent in as well as a few shots of the animals that are currently in its care. This will be the call to action. It will raise the question ‘If these people all adopted pets from the Nebraska Humane Society and they turned out so happy, why can’t I do the same?’ The target audience for this video are those who have adopted a pet as well as those who are looking to adopt a pet. The Nebraska Humane Society will then post it on all of its social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. While this does include some owned and paid media, the main goal here is to generate more earned media. The hope is to appeal to the emotional side of those who watch it. Once they how happy people are with their pets, they will adopt their own pets from the humane society. There will also be a link to their website attached to the video so people can go directly from watching the video to seeing what pets are available. If they are not able to adopt, then there is an easy way for them to donate on the website.



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