Netflix Major Announcement

Earned Media:

Netflix has recently released plans to release a new original sitcom that is a follow-up of the popular 90s TV show, Full House. It announced it by releasing a teaser trailer. The teaser included many of the same aspects of the original show. This came after much Internet speculation of the release of a close spin-off of the hit show that drew much excitement from users and trollers alike. The hype grew even more on social media with shares on posts going up to 10k+ on post related to the release. In addition to the buzz with social media users many news outlets helped announce and spread the news (generating even more buzz!) Netflix took their owned content and let the buzz of the Internet take it away. This is interesting type of earned media because of the process the information took. Netflix realized that the release could generate buzz because of the reaction to just a speculation (prior to the official announcement) they took that information about the demographic and utilized that be a catalyst for the release ultimately earning them good earned media.


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