The Bay

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Since moving into the same building as one another, Precision Skateboards and The Bay have been closer than ever.  With the weather being wet and cold, at the moment skateboarders can’t just go outside and start skating.  Since The Bay is the only indoor skatepark in Lincoln, NE, they need to start a social media campaign.  Most skateboarders nowadays look at Instagram on a regular basis for short video clips uploaded by their favorite brands/skaters/friends.  The Bay needs to create a sort of contest, done on skaters’ own terms inside the skatepark.  This can be called the “Best Quick Clip Contest” with a winner being chosen at the end of a couple weeks.  Skaters will have two weeks to come up with their best tricks they can put into a clip of 15 seconds or less with the hashtag #bayquickclip.  The winner will be determined at the end of the contest period with their quick clip being put on The Bay’s Instagram and website.  This will get people to see The Bay on their Instagram feed who may not be familiar with the organization, which is still a step which they are trying to overcome.



Blane Cropp

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