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Abigail Burt

Joyride Bicycles is hosting a teaser weekend of group rides allowing their customers to try out all different types of bikes for free. Joyride wants to show to their customers that their bicycle selection ranges from expert to beginner and even offers bicycles for children. They ask that all local bikers come experience the early spring weather on April 3rd and travel through the beautiful bike trails of Nebraska. There will be three groups you may choose from starting with our “Expert Bikers”. This group will have a two hour bike ride lead by our very own expert bikers. The “Prospective Biker” which will be 1.5 hour bike ride that will teach you everything to know about becoming a more avid biker. Lastly, we will have our “Family Ride”, which includes a smaller hour ride for the kids to join along with water breaks to rest up. Through Social Media and Radio this event will be advertised and shared among many people interested in attending through Facebook. This event will end with a tour of the store and will bring in new customers hoping to purchase the bike they tested and adored, current customers looking for an upgrade, and current superfans ready to tune up their bike.

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