The Single Barrel Contest

Single Barrel.jpgThe Single Barrel is located in Lincoln. It’s a bar that has regular concerts, primarily country shows. They bring in some really talented people, both local artists/bands and popular artists you hear on the radio. Many artists that are “just starting out” book the Single Barrel because it’s a great, comfortable environment for them to perform in, and there’s always an audience. The one thing Single Barrel doesn’t do super well is advertise shows. If they had a better social media presence and got their current followers involved, more people (who possibly don’t even know about The Single Barrel) would become interested in going to the shows. I think it would be really cool if Single Barrel ran a contest for local artists to win the opportunity to open for the big name artists that come in and perform there. They could make it an event where local artists/bands perform one song for an audience and the audience gets to decide who the winner is. With the help of current Single Barrel-goers on social media and by word of mouth, people will learn about the event, therefore more people will hear about Single Barrel (owned and earned media). If they make it about the community, and make locals a part of it, their popularity will grow in Lincoln. It makes sense for Single Barrel to do an event like this because they promote local country music artists already by having them perform on their stage.

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