Volvo Loves Cyclists

Volvo builds vehicles with safety in mind. The company values the lives of those who place their trust in their machines. The brand has taken their dedication to safety and applied it to a new outlet called, LifePaint. LifePaint is a reflective safety spray designed to increase the visibility and safety of cyclists and others on the road at night.

The company has not so much addressed a problem with public perception with Volvo itself but has engineered a product that will help save the lives of cyclists and others on the road in low light conditions. The campaign has gone beyond advertising and into product development. Opening a new world of possibilities for the brand to reach a new audience.

Volvo LifePaint (integrated) from Grey London on Vimeo.

Those who use LifePaint are those who normally would not require a vehicle. Instead these people like to bike, walk or run to wherever they need to go. Volvo’s current customers are those who want to invest in a luxury vehicle with great safety ratings.  This allows Volvo to be possibly the first influential car brand to create a loving relationship with these specific individuals. By developing LifePaint, Volvo is telling their audience that they care about their safety.

Volvo extended a friendly hand to those who would not normally look at a car company for improved levels of safety in their own commute. Volvo has placed itself in a good position to welcome new customers to its brand. The product they’re selling is not a plus 30,000 dollar vehicle but instead an inexpensive can of safety paint.

Volvo LifePaint is available at all Volvo dealerships worldwide. This specific campaign kicked off in the United Kingdom where 19,000 cyclists are injured or killed each year (Grey London). The product will be successful in cities where cycling and foot traffic are high. LifePaint earned plenty of owned media from both car and bicycling blogs around the world and most likely generated plenty of word of mouth buzz from those using it themselves.

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