Your Story

The brand purpose of the University of Nebraska Lincoln is to not just provide an education but instead to help their students find who they are. The issue the University faces with prospective students is that a University is an academic institution. Their broadcast message, “Your Story Matters”, established a connection immediately after visiting the UNL home page. It removes the boring white walls and chalkboards associated with learning.

The desired audience which the university wants to hit is that of prospective students who are looking to attend college. It also assures alumni who would donate to the university that the school is pushing forward into the future.

It told an emotional story that was meant to spark inspiration that UNL will guide you to success.

The university published the inspiring ad on social media and broadcast television during sporting events when the Huskers played. The video is also on the UNL home page and various social media accounts. The video has been around the owned, earned and paid media track.

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