Zipline Duathlon

Zipline is a Lincoln, Nebraska based brewery that has made waves by continually crafting high rated beers. They local brewery has been around since 2012 brewing a wide variety of beer from their Oatmeal Porter to the well known Copper Alt which won Gold medal at the Colorado Great American Beer Festival in 2015.

Their target demographic is any adult aged 21+ I’d say, but there is an emphasis on the younger audience of 21 – 28. My recommendation is a Brewery Duathlon where participants compete for a years worth of free beer from Zipline. There would be a social media campaign as well as a small registration fee for participants with the end goal being that the money goes to charity. The event could also incorporate other successful and fledgling breweries within Nebraska as well promoting the community too.

After the event it would be cool to have a sort of beer garden where participant’s friends and families can try different beers. There’d be live music as well. All in all, I think the event would earn a fair bit of social media response, and the newspapers in both Lincoln and Omaha would write a story I imagine.


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