I ‘Love My Melon’

Love Your Melon is a newly founded, national organization with the dreams of donating one hat to every child in America with cancer. LYM was started by a college student at the University of St Thomas as a business project in 2012. By 2016, Love Your Melon has reported an overall donation of 45,000 hats to children around the country. The brand has grown so drastically recently because over 9,000 students at 575 different schools have become brand ambassadors (loveyourmelon.com). Creating a social media campaign would be an exciting step for the brand, because although LYM is well known on many college campuses, it has not reached every campus yet, nor are many adults involved in the organization. There are many people in that demographic that would donate, but just have not been informed on the work of the brand. #ILoveMyMelon would be a campaign started by the brand and the brand ambassadors. While visiting hospitals and dropping off hats, the ambassadors will ask questions and take a similar approach as the “Humans of New York” journalist did, featuring stories of the children, the children’s families, and nurses or any other individuals involved with LYM.

This social media movement has the potential to go viral. If every ambassador created a post featuring the hashtag and a patient they visited with, many new faces would see the effect being made by the brand. In theory, the campaign would lead to more than just people involved with the brand posting, but anyone that knows someone that was touched by Love Your Melon. Personal accounts, corporate accounts, branding accounts all could participate, generating an amazing social media presence for the brand, and more importantly this movement would help to put some reality into the idea of donating a hat to every child. If people were to literally read the stories of different children receiving the hats, the credibility and validation of the brand would increase so much. This campaign would make people talk, and engage more consistently with the brand.lym

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