Not Your Grandma’s Soap

In past media, Dove had gained the reputation of “a grandma’s soap brand,” because Dove is so simple and long-lasting. Prior to 2004 the brand had lost a lot of interest from young women around the world. Until the “Real Beauty” campaign was created, there was not much media coverage for the Dove as a brand. The statistic was released that only 2% of women find themselves beautiful, therefore Dove made it their mission to change the stigma about beauty. Dove targets any and all women, regardless of color, shape, size, location, or background, anyone from 3 years old to 85 can find value in the brand messages and the products themselves. Dove used real, un-photo shopped women in their advertisements to promote the unique beauty differences portrayed by each woman in the world, and enhance the idea that imperfections are beautiful.  This campaign made people talk about Dove, buy Dove products, and share information about Dove.

Dove took an impactful and emotional approach at spreading this message. In their most popular video, they made average women describe their appearance to an artist, while he drew them, and proceeded to have a stranger describe their appearance and drew that image also. The comparison was unbelievable. The earned media that this “Sketches” video created was massive. It is one of the most shared, viewed, and searched videos produced. “Sketches” helped to increase sales by 1% in just four weeks after the spot was released. The cool part of the “Sketches” video was there is absolutely no paid media featured in the spot, only owned and earned. The Sketch advertisement led to the release of the “Like a Girl” video and hashtag. Not only was that video also a hit on television and almost all social platforms, it was directed at young girls, future customers that will remember being encouraged to be confident by something as large as a globally recognized brand.

This campaign started as a hit, and continues to bring in so much success for Dove as a brand. Women love empowerment, women love confidence, and women love other women being successful. Dove has millions of followers on all social media outlets, and as a Dove customer, I absolutely believe the brand has been successful by creating an improved name for themselves.

Campaign for Real Beauty

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