Restricted Bling

During this years Super Bowl T-mobile released a 30-second advertisement titled “Restricted Bling”, starring famous rapper Drake. This ad shows Drake in his famous music video “Hotline Bling”, but the video is abruptly stopped by the phone commercial executives. The executives go on to tell him how to work in the phone companies hidden fees into the songs lyrics (depicting how other phone companies deceive you). Through this ad T-Mobile is trying to address they have no hidden fees. The target audience for this ad is consumers part of other phone providers who could feel deceived by hidden fees. T-Mobile took on this idea of hidden fees and incorporated the humorous Drake music video “Hotline Bling” that we have all learned to love. Through this ad T-Mobile generated a massive amount of earned media. With the previous amount of attention to Drake’s music video, T-mobile used the perfect opportunity to associate its brand along side it. In hopes that whenever someone hears the song they will think of T-mobile in its memorable commercial. drake-tmobile

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