360 Fades – Local Earned Media Guide

360 Fades is a barbershop located just off of 48th and O st. in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is owned and ran by its only barber Brian. The problem he is trying to solve is a lackluster social media presence and an overall lack of user engagement in social media. He wants to solve these issues to drive more traffic to his shop so he has adequate clientele when he opens up a newer and larger space this summer. He wants to be recognized by people who value a great haircut and appreciate his conversation when they are getting a trim. First off, Brian can start by hiring a graphic artist to improve his logo to catch the eyes of the younger audience who are online. He can then politely ask his customers after getting a haircut to like his Facebook that promotes his brand if they enjoy their cut and follow his twitter account to keep them posted on new deals or store details. Brian can also hire an assistant who manages the public relations and social media presence of his store/brand and also go to universities and post/hand out flyers to start a buzz among UNL students. When business starts to pick up to the point where he can no longer handle the traffic on his own he can simply hire a new barber to help. This strategy of building up a social media presence through earned media is very straightforward and effective way to connect with a younger audience and drive more traffic to a business. His quality haircuts are already raved about on Yelp so getting customers to follow up with him on Facebook and Twitter would be no problem because people want to help promote quality services and products. Once Brian follows through with these strategies he will solve his problems in a few months maximum!

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