Nike: Snow Day

By Joe Grobeck

Snow Day Commercial

Nike created the ad for “Snow Day” to advertise their new Winter apparel. The group they were trying to reach were male and female athletes from the ages of 10-30 or pretty much anyone that plays sports. The ad was specifically tailored towards the winter sports such as football, hockey, basketball, and even sports such as track. The problem that Nike is trying to solve is to not be afraid to do your respective outside activity because of the cold or snow. Nike wants to ensure that they have the best gear for cold weather and that their apparel makes the weather a non factor on performance. Nike can do this because this ad directly follows their famous motto of “Just Do It”. They are trying to say that even though the weather is inclement that it shouldn’t matter. This was a great example of paid media and owned media because the ad currently has over 10 million views on YouTube and also had a huge wave on social media.



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