Kylie Cosmetics

The youngest entrepreneur of the Kardashian Jenner family has recently created her own line of liquid lipsticks that she calls Kyle Lip Kits. She has been a hot star in the spotlight for many years now, and she has always been very into beauty and fashion. Whenever she would wear another brand’s lipstick, she would post a photo on instagram while stating in her caption what brand and shade of lipstick she was wearing. Since everyone freaks out about her lips and her products that she uses, the lipstick she would post on instagram would instantly sell out on the other company’s website. This inspired her to create her own personalized line of matte liquid lipsticks. I think this idea creates value for consumers, particularly younger women, who are all looking for the best way to replicate the newly famous ‘Kylie Lip’. Audiences that appeal to Kylie cosmetic products are mostly younger women and professional make up artists. The first release of her lip kit was done through her website titled She also spread the word about the release of her lip kits through her personal and cosmetic social media accounts. She talked a lot about her products through her personal app, The Kylie Jenner App. It sold out immediately and was a huge success. Another marketing method she used was creating a large eCommerce campaign with Ultrabrand, which created a large amount of global campaign exposure through the Ellen Degeneres Show, hundreds of global publications, and 50+ million instagram followers. This success created a high demand for more Kylie Lip Kit products, which lead to her wanting to expand her make up line. She changed her website to in order to expand her cosmetic line. Since then, she has created several new lip kit colors, which have also sold out immediately, and is planning on creating more of her own beauty products other than just the lip kits.

Sarah Herrington

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