Share a Coke Campaign

Coca Cola started up what is called a Share a Coke marketing campaign. It consisted of printing people’s names on the outside of coke bottles. This campaign gave the brand an opportunity to create value by making a new way to connect people to each other, and also to more closely connect people to Coca Cola. After launching the first campaign, they launched Share a Coke 2.0. They collected data from the first campaign to improve their second, and from the data they formed an eCommerce component which allows consumers to customize their own individual of six pack glass contour bottles with their own name. They created value through their second campaign by creating a more personalized way to sell their product. For example, if someone were to host an event such as a wedding or a grad party, they could personalize their own case of coke bottles with “newlyweds” or “grad”. This idea creates an emotional desire for consumers.The main outlet they used to get the word out about their campaign is social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. They created the hashtag #ShareACoke for fans to post photos with their coke bottles, alongside the hashtag. When consumers would post these photos, they enter themselves to win a chance to have their photos on billboards in large cities, Times Square included. Coca Cola recognized that their sales numbers were down which lead them to create this campaign. I believe that it was successful due to the uniqueness of customization and the social media hashtag. This campaign increased Coke sales significantly.

Sarah Herrington

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