Target’s Holiday Wish List App

By: Bridget Anderson

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Target’s brand purpose is all about offering its customers everything they need at an affordable price, fulfilling their slogan “Expect More. Pay Less.” During the 2015 holiday season, Target set out to become the preferred holiday shopping place over all its competitors. The problem Target needed to solve was to offer moms an easy, fun and convenient way to manage their children’s Christmas lists. Target needed something better than the print catalog that was sent out every year.

A Holiday Wish List app was created in order to fix this problem. Since the target audience was both kids and moms, the app offered an entertaining way for kids to create their Christmas lists by playing games and with an easy drag and drop feature, while the moms were given a simple, clean and convenient way to manage and share their children’s lists. This was a great way to give current Target customers a reason to do all their holiday shopping at Target.

In this end, this was a successful owned media campaign. Target drew customers’ attention to the app through their holiday catalog, in-store promotion and social media. The app launch resulted in the creation of 100,000 wish lists and 9,000 new accounts, while bringing in increased brand awareness and more sales.

target holiday wish list

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