“Bud Light Living” campaign

bud light living

In May 2014, Bud Light launched a campaign called “Bud Light Living”. It adds value to their target audience, who are Canadian millenials aged from 21 and above. Audiences in this age group were found to be valuing their experiences and the “living life to the fullest” motto. Therefore, Bud Light took the chance to add incentive value to their customers through this campaign.

Bud Light falls under the Canadian Beer category and the company found itself struggling with competitors under the same category. Therefore, in order to get the attention of their fellow Canadian drinkers, they wanted to understand the audience more and what they came up with after doing research is a “Bud Light Living” campaign, based on their target group’s valued experiences. After the campaign, Bud Light has found its new identity that distinguished the company from other brands. They have overreached their target market share of a 2.3% growth, and managed to get a total of 4.28% in their final market share growth after this campaign.

Bud Light dedicated quite a few of their owned media to their “Bud Light Living” campaign. They have a 30-second TV commercial, they have their own Bud Light Living app where consumers can upload pictures of themselves for a chance to win money-can’t-buy experiences and they have several Bud Light Living videos on their Youtube Channel. Bud Light has also generated earned media with a total of 100million earned impressions within a year through the campaign.

By Chelsie Chow.

Source: WARC Article- Bud Light Living

Work Cited:

“Bud Light Living.” Institute Communication Agency Bronze, 2016 (2016): 2-6. WARC. Web. 27 Feb. 2016.

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