Kardashian & Jenner Apps


Keeping Up with the Kardashians had an on-going massive growth in their viewership throughout the years. With their fame, they decided to each get their own iPhone application that allowed viewers to keep up with their lives, even when they are not watching the reality series. The apps add value to their customers by adding a more personal connection between the Kardashian family and their consumers. Prior to having the application on their phones, consumers are able to keep up-to-date with their lifestyles, their latest fashion trends and beauty tips.

Their target audience is females aged from 16 to 35. They have a wide range of target audience because each Kardashian family member has different styles and appeal to different age groups.

The Kardashians wanted to reach a wider audience by adding modern advertising strategies to their already owned reality series. They wanted to reach people who do not watch television or prefer keeping themselves updated through the use of their mobile phones.

They utilized owned media by launching their own mobile applications, they generate popularity and fame through their television series and increase sales through their high-end clothing line. Through these applications, they also generated earned media through word-of-mouth on their new fashion trends and lifestyle updates.

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