Oral-B improves brushing with app

By: Bridget Anderson

Oral-B has a long-standing brand purpose to provide everyone with the best tools for excellent dental hygiene and educational means to achieve that. Thousands of adults every year are being told by their dentists that they are not brushing their teeth the correct way. In order to provide these men and women with the tools to fix their daily brushing habits, Oral-B created an app that tracks users’ physical brushing activity. Using Bluetooth technology, this app connects with an electric toothbrush and provides the user with immediate feedback on his/her brushing. The user is given data on time spent brushing, motivation with reminders and rewards and notifications when brushing is too hard or too soft. Data is saved so users can see if their brushing habits have been improved over time, and they can even show this data to their dentists. To educate users on this tool, Oral-B posted on instructional video on their website.

In a little less than a year, Oral-B’s app has been downloaded more than 400,000 times and has 88 percent active users. This owned media tool not only adds value to Oral-B consumers with convenience, education and utility, but it has also helped increase dental professionals recommendations in Oral-B products, thus heightening brand awareness and sales in current and potential customers.


Photo Credits: Oralb.com

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