Dawn Saves Wildlife

By: Kourtney Muller

In 2011, Dawn dish washing soap created a campaign not only to get consumers to buy their product, but to buy into their product. In this campaign, Dawn really stood for their brand purpose – a commitment to wildlife. Their problem was that many consumers would not even think about buying their dish soap because of the cost. The consumers did not know exactly what they had to offer.

In their campaign to raise awareness about their product, Dawn wanted to target the Protector. In other words, people who want to make things better for their children and ones who look for easy ways to have a positive impact. Along with Facebook ads, cinema advertising, banner ads, and television, Dawn created their own content through two websites, a YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter pages, and Dawn Saves Wildlife bottles.

After just two months of sharing content with consumers, Dawn became a product that consumers didn’t just buy off the shelf. It was a product that consumers bought into and cherished.

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