Brother’s Bar & Grill

By Laura Barker

In the past few months, Brother’s Bar & Grill, a popular sports bar and dance club in downtown Lincoln, teamed up with Red 94.5, a new hit-music station in Lincoln, to promote weekend festivities at the bar.  Red 94.5 sends two of its on-air personalities to Brother’s every Saturday night and the duo uses the station’s Snapchat to provide real-time footage of what’s going on.

Brother’s is using Red 94.5’s owned media (its DJs and Snapchat account) to draw in both current and prospective bar/club-goers.  Someone who views the Snapchat story may decide the bar looks like fun that Saturday evening and head there with a few friends, whether they’ve been there in the past or not.  It’s smart for Brother’s to do this because the audience Red 94.5 draws is similar to the audience the bar draws- young, cool people who like to have fun.  Bringing these two sub-groups together encourages people to go to the bar, maybe because they like the radio station, or because they like the bar, or both.  Brother’s is using the community element of owned media to attract business by bringing people together in an offline setting.

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