Coca-Cola: “Coke Studio” Goes Digital


Traditional thinking in Advertisement has a lot of problems and thinking outside the box vital in figuring out how to increase brand awareness. In this case study Coca-Cola faced a foreign problem in how to reach a declining audience in Pakistan due to the countries cultural difference with the U.S

“Coke Studio” is a Pakistani music television series which features live studio-recorded music performances by a variety of artists. “Coke Studio” was developed to create a new genre of music in Pakistan to reshape popular culture and touch future generations of the Pakistani People.

However, due to political instability and extremism in Pakistan, a decrease in TV viewing has meant that Coca-Cola’s “Coke Studio” platform would loose its largest audience platform in Pakistan. So, in order to increase their audience once again, the brand created a campaign to utilize digital media to compensate for the limitations of TV in Pakistan.

How they accomplished this, is by feeding digital video promos and other exclusive content only through social media (such as YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud), celebrity figures and key digital partnerships (such as Google Chrome and Android apps) This in turn helped promote the diminishing TV airings of “Coke Studio” and massive PR events that helped share the studio’s accomplishments.

The results of this move from traditional TV to airing “Coke Studio” on Coca-Cola’s owned media platforms created record-breaking results with over 4.9 million views on “Coke-Studio’s” website.

This goes to show, that paid media no longer can survive by it self. Paid media needs different owned media outlets to showcase brand information and experiences. Without these alternative media outlets, Coca-Cola could not have reached the massive market of the Country of Pakistan, because of Pakistan’s extremism laws and cultural differences that are all but foreign to Coca-Cola lovers in the U.S.

Blog #4: WARC

By: John Joseph Parker

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