Coca-Cola Regains Exposure Using Owned Media in Pakistan

by Casey Hodgin

Coca-Cola is one of the largest brands in the world, but it goes beyond just being a carbonated beverage; it’s that serves to make people get the most out of life.

Political instability plagues the country of Pakistan, and is crippling the entertainment industry. Music, for example, is a hobby beloved by most of Pakistan. Due to decreases in TV viewership (the main channel for music entertainment), the music industry has had to adapt and find a different home other.

Coca-Cola started a TV show called Coke Studios which was a live music series. It was successful for several seasons, but political unrest has resulted in decreased viewership. Now, Coke Studios has launched a digital campaign and has moved entirely digital to increase exposure. Coca-Cola utilized Facebook, their own website, and even a Coke Studios app to garner engagement and exposure. This type of digital owned media campaign caters to a youth audience as they are the main music and entertainment-goers in Pakistan. The thinking here is that everyone deserves to have music in their lives. When outside forces hinder and clog certain channels to get that musical entertainment, a digital option is now available via Coke Studios online.

WARC source

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