Culver’s Competition App



Most companies/brands out there stay simple and only create a company website, social media pages and maybe a blog. However, in 2017 Culvers will be including a very sophisticated phone app to the mix.

Culver’s at heart is a family-friendly fast food restaurant that prides its self on all areas that make a eating out with the family a great experience. However, as of late, Culver’s across the globe are being shut down due too profit loss, health code violations and criminal activity.

When members of the board got together, they decided that there was less accountability then there used to be when Culver’s was only a statewide restaurant.

So, with the help of Parker Advertisement, the company will create the “Culver’s Competition App.” This app is a way that costumers can be rewarded for sending in reviews about different aspects of specific Culver’s restaurants. The app will have many different coupons and other prizes costumers can be given if they fill out a quick survey about their experience.

This information given, by the consumers will be used to determine what aspects of certain restaurants need work in.

In the big picture, there will be a rating out of 100 each Culver’s Location will have. The better the consumer reviews, the better the rating. At the end of each month the Culver’s with the highest rating will reward the whole town of its location. This reward can include; raises, extra vacation days or gifts for employees or Parades, free custard or a Deal of the Month for costumers.

This new owned media platform will not only increase the amount of earned media but will help strengthen future paid media. By creating a Culver’s brand community, consumers will be able to share influential Culver’s experiences all over the Internet. This community will also strengthen paid media by giving a new platform for consumers to hear vital information about the brand and gain more exposure to what Culver’s has to offer.

Ultimately, this new Culver’s community will help leverage owned, earned and paid media for more comprehensive marketing strategies and help establish the main goal of Culver’s, “To create the perfect family environment to enjoy a tasty meal.”

Blog #5: Create An Example of Owned Media

By: John Joseph Parker

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