Safe Presence Increases Awareness via Owned Media

by Casey Hodgin

Safe Presence is a medical technology start-up company in Lincoln, Nebraska that designs fall prevention products to help keep older adults safe and living longer. Safe Presence has resorted to owned media (a blog) to increase awareness among its consumers about how important Safe Presence products can really be.

Perhaps the biggest problem facing a company like Safe Presence is that most of its end-users (in this case, older adults prone to falling) are naive to the fact that they are at risk. Older adults often don’t know how unable they are until it’s too late. That’s why this blog resorts to reputable statistics that capture how common it is for older adults to fall and be in duress.

The blog also posts helpful information for not only older adults themselves, but also the children of these older adults as the children are the ones who will most likely be taking care of them. Topics like exercise, nutrition, fall prevention, and general safe living come up quite often, and are all meant to spread awareness about the needs of the older adult community. Because most customers of Safe Presence rely on their products greatly, there is a tight relationship between customer and brand, but there are also lots of prospects out there that this blog attempts to persuade. This example of owned media is meant to target the emotions of its viewers and really tap in to the love we have for our parents, and the desire to see them safe.

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