Bella Terre Reception Hall and Vineyard


For Bella Terre Reception Hall and Vineyard, owned media is extremely important because when brides begin their treacherous journey of planning their wedding, they go online. This is where they sort out the dud venues, the crappy bridal shops, and the bland cakes.

When it comes to campaigning for wedding season, Bella Terre has to be the first thing these brides want to visit. That’s why our owned media is so crucial. If we don’t have the best Facebook post to entice brides to call and set up a showing then we have nothing. For this owned media campaign that I’ve come up with, I’ve decided to create a contest. This contest will create a sense of urgency to the brides out there by having a deadline to get a showing or book their wedding at Bella Terre.

The contest will be something like an engagement photo contest. The couple who sends in the best engagement announcement picture will get a pre-planned Italian getaway honeymoon for free along with a bottle of our reserve red wine for their wedding day at Bella Terre. For the honeymoon, we would partner with one of the travel agents we already work with to plan and execute the most romantic trip suited to whichever couple wins the contest. The package will be tailored to the couple that wins for the perfect vacation. We would push this on all of our owned media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website. This would create that push to brides to get involved with Bella Terre. Even those who don’t win would still get to see Bella and fall in love with it on their own regardless if they win the contest or not. This would be a campaign that I feel would get couples to take action in their planning as well as give men the little push to propose ;).

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