Bleachable Moments

By: Spencer Garrett

The bleach industry, specifically Clorox, is not one the average consumer gives much thought. Even if one does, the stereotype of bleach being used to whiten and clean clothes is one that’s been perpetuated for as long as the 100 year product has been in popular use. This signified an issue to Clorox in 2010 -2011 when the began the creative approach to fixing the brand’s stale image. The first step was identifying how people used the product around their homes. Sure enough, ~66% of respondents said they used it to clean or whiten clothes. Another issue was Clorox’s lack of presence within the millennial demographic.

With these insights in mind the team developed the Bleachable Moments campaign. The three pronged campaign aimed to solve the issue of Clorox’s perception while also making in-roads with the millennial demographic. The first arm of the campaign called, “We Share,” was a paid media campaign aired on television to basic consumers of Clorox. The second arm was a social media campaign on Facebook called, “You Share,” aimed at getting folks to share their best tips for using bleach to clean and disinfect as well as the correct methods for cleaning clothes with bleach. Last, was the owned media campaign called, “We Solve,” which is a neat microsite created by Clorox to showcase the correct way to use the bleach in different scenarios.

The campaign did quite well  managing to be 2 – 3x more effective than all other Clorox campaigns. Overall, the campaign net a 4.6% increase in total sales, and a 5.7% increase in the millennial demographic. Even today the campaign is still running. Check it out if you find yourself in a bleachable moment.


WARC Source

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