Bud Light: Up for Whatever

In 2014 Bud Light needed to reconnect with millennials so they launched to Whatever, USA campaign. Bud Light took over a town for three days, and called it Whatever USA. The town was only inhabited by people that are up for whatever. In bars all across the United States, uniformed members of the Whatever USA tourism board set up photo booths and gave people a chance to prove they were up for whatever. People were then selected to attend the three day event, which included a music festival, 82 unique experiences, 21 unique attractions, and 61 roaming surprises,a ll of which were set up to be photo or video worthy. 1.8 million consumers engaged with over 200,000 video auditions. Earned media impressions were 66% more than previous campaigns with over 37,000 posts that reached over 15 million consumers.

  • Matt Kortum

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