Canon EOS: World Of EOS

Abigail Burt- Earned Media

When Canon release it’s digital SLR camera they were threatened with the lack of technology they had and the price pressure. As they entered into this market they could not afford to discount their cameras, but still wanted to reach a 60% preference over their competitors. They needed to find away to inspire their consumers so they created an owned campaign through a social media site called, World of EOS. They targeted entry-level photographers while maintaining their enthusiasts. This was difficult as enthusiasts what complexity and dimension in their photography while, entry-level require simplicity. Therefore, they created this sight to the photographer could collaboratively work together to inspire one another. It was a platform to create a community and share one’s work. They also sent out 5 simple owned objects to the photographer to receive earned media of what the photographer could come up with. Here is a link of the Warc research an video showing this campaign.


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