Coke Studio 7

Coca-Cola’s brand purpose according to their website is to “refresh the world…”, “inspire moments of optimism and happiness…”, and “create value and make a difference.” It wants to create a customer experience that will leave a lasting impression with the consumer and lead them to once again purchase Coca-Cola products. More specifically Coca-Cola Studio’s purpose is to “build strong association with music, encourage and enhance conversations around the asset, and engage with the audience through their journey.” Coca-Cola wanted to increase their decreasing viewership in Pakistan. They realized that since Pakistan was suffering with extremists, radicalists, political instability, and secular turmoil, the music industry was suffering. In order to combat this, Coca-Cola decided to try and “reach out to as many people as possible and touch their hearts by the boundary blurring fusion of musical content and do it in the most effective way.” and thus created Coke-Studio 7.  The owned media in this case is campaign based; an app and an only on campaign website. Coke-Studio 7 is an online campaign. This campaign has its own special website aside from the Coca-Cola webpage, thus it is only on when the campaign is running. Coca-Cola created an app to help spread awareness of their campaign as well as get information out about it. This campaign is all about letting people enjoy music. Coke wants everyone in the world to experience live music and so they partnered with local and nonlocal musicians to play at a PR event. This event, which is usually used to kick off the season, was cancelled this year due to the political instability. The PR event introduces artists and “generates conversations around the season and the brand.” Since it was cancelled, it was even more imperative to utilize the campaign’s website and app to get across Coke’s ‘Open Happiness’ viewpoint. They used the app to maximize reach, listenership, views, engagement, and share-ability of the content. In fact Coke Studio 7 “became the single most massive online execution with record-breaking results on multiple platforms.” The app had over 0.5 million download. The key audience insight here is simply the joy of music. Coke wants people all over the world to be able to enjoy music. Coke understands that music can sometimes be an emotional, personal experience.


By Emily Spicka


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