DJI + FORD + Microsoft

DJI is a brand that is pushing the boundaries in both the industry of aviation and that of the creative individual. DJI has parented with Ford and Microsoft to develop an app for the all new 2016 Ford F-150 MyFord Sync System which controls the entire vehicle. This software will allow your F-150 to pair with your DJI Phantom drone and allow it to follow your truck anywhere. This adds value to DJI but to that of Ford as well, allowing you to capture awesome shots of you and your adventure with your truck where ever you take it.

The desired audience in my opinion is that of those who work full time and already own Ford trucks. It is unlikely that this feature will persuade a Chevy, Dodge, GMC or Toyota truck owner to change brands, except that they will be missing out on an awesome new perspective to document parts of your journey in your vehicle.

This is not so much a problem or issue that Ford is trying to solve, instead the brand is doing their best to create an opportunity to show just high tech the Ford F-150 is. With Ford partnering with two of the most valued tech companies, DJI and Microsoft, shows that Ford craves to be in that circle of tech.

The technology is still in the beta stage but Ford, DJI and Microsoft have created owned media content that has been shared over social media which has created earned media from publications like Wired and AdWeek.

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