FlavorPrint: cutomized recipies at your fingertips


Owned media strategies are the most successful when they provide a unique service that simultaneously creates a relationship with the consumer . McCormick has mastered this strategy with their service, FlavorPrint.

So what is FlavorPrint? As described on their website, “FlavorPrint is a sophisticated taste machine. Compiling data from 33 flavors, 9 textures and each flavor’s intensity, it represents the taste profile of a recipe, product or you!” After completing a short survey, FlavorPrint is able to provide a customized FlavorPrint for the individual. Using your personalized FlavorPrint, McCormick compiles a variety of recipes that match your flavor preferences. Awesome! Am I right?

This is brilliant way to reach their target, McCormick a brand primarily focused on providing various spices. With dozens of other similar brands, McCormick needs something that separates itself from its competitors and FlavorPrint definitely does.This service appeals to consumers cooking and looking for recipes, primarily young to middle-aged adults. By providing a useful service, McCormick builds a strong relationship with the consumer, resulting in brand loyalty.

You can find your own FlavorPrint on their website: http://www.mccormick.com/FlavorPrint





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