HealthyPet App

Superior Veterinary Care, Jacobson Veterinary Clinic, and Companion Care Vet Clinic want to provide their clients with the absolute best care possible. They want to keep their client’s pets alive as long as they can and keep them happy and healthy while doing so. They decided that they needed a better way to communicate with their clients. The veterinarians wanted an easier way to allow their customers to know what is okay for their pets to eat. So they created the HealthyPet app. To save a lot of time, effort, and worry on both the client and vet’s part, this app would allow the pet owner to search specific foods on the app and then be notified if that type of food is okay for that pet to eat. For example, if a customer has a dog that accidentally eats carrots, the customer can search ‘carrots’ in the search bar on the app and it will tell them that carrots will not harm a dog. To go a step further, the app has a profile feature that allows customers to log in and create an account that will have all of their pet’s official documents as well as when that pet’s vaccines need to be updated. This app would make it easier for customers of these vets to keep their pets healthy and well. The app will be available on both android and apple devices and only is available for clients of the 3 vet clinics listed above. The app only includes small animals such as dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, etc. The key customer insight is that people love their pets; however they also love to be efficient with their time. This app will allow customers to save time and keeps their pets healthy longer. It also saves customers a lot of needless worry and helps prioritize the veterinarian’s time so that they can spend more of their time dealing with more serious cases.

By Emily Spicka


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