How Nike leverages connectivity to build relationships beyond shoes

Nike is one of the most well known brands in the world. From on the shelf to off, Nike is seen inspiring athletic excellence through merchandise. For almost all of Nike’s existence they used a very simple formula to build their brand. Have well known athletes wearing an amazing pair of shoes and put it all together in an Ad. For a long time this strategy was successful, but research has shown this strategy isn’t making the cut anymore. Consumers are now more digitally/data connected more than ever, they aren’t looking for a brand to tell them to “Just do it” and that’s the end of the story. They want to feel involved in a relationship with a brand or company that keeps on giving. Nike looked to leverage the power of digital technology, and the connectivity it fosters, to build consumer relationships. Nike found their solution through launching a multitude of mobile apps such as Nike+ training club, Nike+ running club, and Nike fuel. Through these Apps Nike fostered better relationships with consumers by providing on-demand services as well as creating a connected community around fitness and the Nike brand. This strategy of owned media helped Nike a tremendous amount connecting with their consumers and continues to today.



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