How Sour Patch Kids Recast YouTube Influencers And Engaged Teens. By: Shanel Atwood

How Sour Patch Kids Recast Youtube Influencers And Engaged Teens

By: Shanel Atwood

When thinking of the candy Sour Patch kids, my mouth instantly starts to water for that sour but sweet taste my tastebuds love.  But when thinking about the brand as a whole, I think of a sour patch funny and mean kid, who plays a prank and then is immediately sorry for his actions, acting sweet again.  This brand humor is mostly funny to teenagers, and that is who Sour Patch Kids are trying to target.  Teenager these days heavily influenced by YouTube stars.  Farrah Bezner, the marketing director/Halls and candy at Mondelez International, supported this statement by conducting a survey of 1,500 teens, who revealed that their top celebrities they look up to are YouTube influencers.  Sour Patch kids decided to tie in this comment by hiring popular teenage YouTube influencers to promote their brand.  Sour Patch Kids are “trying to reach people organically, so the objective is not to put paid behind the content that we’re creating in a big way,” Bezner states.  She also added: “Sour Patch Kids is a growing brand; we’re trying to grow penetration.  There are a lot of people who know about us, but a lot who don’t.” Paid media can activate owned media, which can fuel meaningful traffic.  This tactic delivered a 13% lift in brand awareness throughout their targeted audience.  This was a very effective campaign for Sour Patch Kids. images

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