Humans of New York

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In 2010, photographer Brandon Stanton started profiling New York City’s residents through photos and brief interviews. The brand purpose of Humans of New York is to inspire, inform and entertain people of all kinds all over the world by illustrating the lives of randomly chosen people. Some are deep and discuss purpose in life or advice, others are very simple and show something silly. There really is no problem that Stanton was trying to solve other than to create something that only exists online and through owned media that entertains viewers nationwide. The site generates so much talk and earned media that they no longer have to persuade people to follow them. Many choose to because they see these blurbs and articles shared or reposted. The brand has a website as well as a facebook, instagram, and twitter page. They post a photo of a randomly selected human from New York and let them share something. They don’t tell them what they should say, there are no guidelines, and that is what makes these posts so entertaining to read. You never know what kind of person they will be interviewing next. This brand provides a value of entertainment. They own all of their media platforms but more importantly they have really nailed how to make what they have to say worthwhile for others to read

Halle Unger


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