IKEA hej



By Kaci Leppky


In 2014, IKEA introduced IKEA hej, its newest campaign that was a co-creation platform that featured real homes and real people. Loyal and dedicated IKEA customers, experts and bloggers were invited to showcase their homes as real-life product showrooms in hopes to inspire and empower others to create and design their own homes using their own unique styles. IKEA hej was promoted on IKEA’s various owned media channels. Some of these include IKEA’s Facebook fan page, Instagram, IKEA.de, newsletters and other print media. The idea of promoting this campaign in IKEA’s already established owned media channels was so IKEA was not forcing it into people’s lives, but rather to “organically increase awareness and traffic.” IKEA hej surpassed all expectations of the company. Its owned media channels have seen a 43% growth in returning visitors, which exceeded the goal by 23%.




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