Kardashian and Instagram

Social Media has become one of the easiest/cheapest ways to control your brands own content. 75 percent of adult Internet users use social media regularly. This makes reaching a large audience fast, easy. For brands to better understand their audience they should also understand how being exposed to owned media interacts with brand purchase using a two-stage decision model. This study lets brands understand that they can foster a consumer based brand without necessarily being sales-oriented. Social media advertising is different form traditional media because it enables interaction between all types of consumers. Brands can use social media to generate activity by the band and control the message. This type of media creates buzz for the brand and increases the brands publicity. This networking platform may trigger consumers to change their purchasing behavior.

Brands that have a stronger social media presence could have more social influence over their consumers. The Kardashians are a brand that has immense social following over different platforms. They use their social media to show of their brand, which can be described as their whole lifestyle. The Kardashians have generated a multi-million dollar business from a strong social media base. Because of a wide-range of ages within the family, they are able to reach a wide-range of consumers. The K-clan has made a fortune off the idea that you can market and sell just about everything that you can get your hands on and with a social media following as large as they have, it makes it pretty easy. Kim has nearly 62 million followers on instagram, one of the most used platforms, with other members of the business following shortly behind.


– Rikki Mueller



Xie, Karen, and Young-Jin Lee. “Social Media and Brand Purchase: Quantifying the Effects of Exposures to Earned and Owned Social Media Activities in a Two-Stage Decision Making Model.” Journal of Management Information Systems 32.2 (2015): 204-38. Web.



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