Lick Frozen Yogurt: Fresh New Design

By: Anne-Marie Schneider

With the rise in favor of frozen yogurt over ice cream this brand had the upper hand. What made Lick stand out from other frozen yogurt was that it was made from 100% yogurt and was fat free and additive free. The owners saw a lot of potential in their brand but they were looking for a way to up their sales and their presence. They decided to invest in design and created a whole new eye-catching look. It was bright and clean and it still kept the same hand drawings on the back of the container, staying true to its original design. Sales increased and their social media following increased as well. They had lots more of online engagement, helping the company greatly. They had improvements in customers behavior and attitudes, advocates among new customers and continuous sales increase. They were able to use all kinds of media but their owned media succeeded by increasing word of mouth among customers.

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