Lincoln Grand Theater-Ty Wiley

The Lincoln Grand Theater is unlike anything else I have experienced. I am not from Lincoln and before coming here for school, I hadn’t been to a movie that cost less than $8-$12. The Lincoln Grand has done an amazing job with their owned media by taking to social media and radio to share their deal unlike any other.

They have now teamed up with red94.5 a local radio station to give away free tickets by calling into the radio show and answering a trivia question. This is owned media by both red94.5 and the Lincoln Grand because it attracts people to listen and call in when the radio show is going on as well as advertising the movie theater and the $5 movie and popcorn deal.

The desired audience in this case is college students in Lincoln because red94.5 is a student-driven radio station and the Lincoln Grand offers the discount with an Ncard student ID.

This form of owned media profits both of the businesses by advertising through different platforms, and highlights deals and discounts as well as increases listeners, hence the co-op of the two businesses.

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