Lincoln Public Libraries

By: Benjamin Burbine

To students ages 5-14 of Lincoln, Nebraska; the Lincoln public libraries are a huge benefit. It is a great place for students to go and gain knowledge while staying out of trouble. The Lincoln public library system does a really great job at updating people throughout their partially owned social media channels. They are very active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and on YouTube. They also fully own their own website. They use their website to let you know what books are in stock and which library they are at, they let you know what new arrivals will be coming to a local library in the near future, and they keep you up to date on miscellaneous facts such as library hours and what events are going on.

One thing I would like to see the library do is create an app.More often than not, parents are bringing their children to the library. If you create an app, parents will be able to see what events for kids are going on in the near future and at which library they should go to. Through this app they could also tell you which books are due and when they are due. The library could also use their app to discuss what books are in stock and what new arrivals are coming to a Lincoln public library near you.

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