Locally Famous

By Aaron McVay


MasterCard Time Out

MasterCard like many other credit card companies was working to get an edge up on its competition to get into the wallets of more people. For years they had been running on the “Priceless” campaign but when they got to cities in Australia this lost effectiveness because people in Australia are more locally oriented. They wanted to focus on Aussies 35+ with 100k+ household income. The big question they faced was “how?” they needed to get the attention of people and also gain value in their minds. They came up with the idea of focusing on local shops and people and giving them a spotlight using MasterCard’s preexisting media fronts and also by using local media. This got people to pay attention and interact with the brand in a way they didn’t with any other credit card company. In a roundabout way MasterCard got their wanted leg up on the competition and also created a platform for communities in the area to interact and further MasterCard’s public face.


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