By: Benjamin Burbine

Home Depot has been the league leader when it comes to home improvement stores for quite some time now. Lowe’s always being stuck in second decided to do something about it when Twitter came out with the new Vine app. Hence Lowe’s created their #LowesFixInSix campaign. Lowe’s couldn’t quite figure out how to target the millennial market. Well there was no better way then to make quick six second vines on how to do fix simple problems.

Lowe’s saw tremendous success from this campaign. It was a great success with millennials. #LowesFixInSix became a huge success on Vine, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. With this owned media campaign, Lowe’s saw a 702% increase in millennial engagement. That is an incredible jump. It definitely narrowed the gap with Home Depot but more importantly the Lowe’s front office figured out how to market to millennials in a way no home improvement store ever dreamed of.





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